Nias is so much more than just beaches and surf. The interior of the island is an ecotourism haven with a range of natural environments. Most of Nias consists of forest-clad hills crisscrossed by rivers and streams. Hidden in the forests and valleys are stunning waterfalls, caves, small lakes and natural springs. Even though parts of the interior is fairly remote, many people live here making their lively hood from rubber tapping, copra and cocoa farming. Smaller pockets of primary forest remain in more remote areas. This is where the chance of encountering local wildlife is best. Monkeys, wild pigs and deer’s are regularly spotted in the forest. Rarer sightings include crocodiles which were once prolific in all of the rivers on the island. As of now very few visitors venture into the green forests of the hilly interior. Potential activities include trekking, bird-watching, river trips, cave-exploration or just cooling off under the mist of a waterfall.